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Womens Jeans

Denim is quintessential for the everyday look. The rich heritage of denim makes wearing jeans suitable for everyone. The strong fabric provides perfect use for a daily basis and the different colors blue, grey and black make jeans the ideal wardrobe staple. We only select specific womens jeans that are fashionable of excellent quality and with a good fit.


Bootcut Womens Jeans

The bootcut jeans have straight legs with a slightly flared cut, so boots can be worn under them, hence the name. The bootcut is very suitable for a more formal or classic everyday look. Bootcut jeans are complimenting for each body type and make legs appear longer, this is why this model is recommended by stylists throughout the years.


Loose Fit Womens Jeans

Loose fit or boyfriend-jeans, fit more loose than a basic jeans. These jeans look cool by a casual or sporty look, with or without cuffed legs. Boyfriend jeans tend to have a more worn-in details to emphasize the effortless look of putting on your boyfriends’ jeans (hence the name). These jeans are very comfortable and as fashionable as their slimmer counterparts.


Slim Fit

The slim fit or skinny jeans are snug and tight with a tapered leg cut. This model compliments slender legs and is very wearable on a daily basis. Skinny jeans pair nicely with oversized blouses and are super-feminine worn with fitted tops. Worn with heels, your legs will appear endlessly long and lean.


Straight Fit

The most iconic, classic and basic jeans, is the straight fit. This model has straight legs and has a lot in common with the bootcut jeans, in style and in shape. The straight fit is perfectly suitable when you’re looking for a basic jeans with a neutral appeal. The straight fit is, thanks to the classic shape, never out of fashion.