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Nudie Jeans Co. Women

The Swedish brand Nudie was established in 2000 bij Joakim Levin and Maria Erixon. Nudie Jeans slogan: The Naked Truth about Denim couldn’t be more accurate. Because the label for genuine jeans fanatics principles are straight as an arrow: with durability on their mind, the production of each pair of Nudies is 100% organic. And of course the same is true for their designs: jeans with neat lines and forms, so the denim will be a staple for your wardrobe and soon turns out to be your favorite pair.

Nudies love for denim shows in the belief that denim will grow to be more beautiful as the pair is worn often and ages. Worn-in details, stains and fading will customize the jeans and tell a personal story. But also brand new, Nudies skinny and straight jeans are from nice and strong quality. Nudie is and has been a trusted and sympathetic label when you’re looking for a new basic denim.