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Neuw Denim Women

The young Swedish Denim label Neuw was born in Belgium. By tailoring and altering vintage pieces from his denim archive, Pär Lundqvist came up with the idea that is Vintage Revision. Fine craftsmanship is combined with modern techniques and materials and finished with an inspired knowledge of the heritage of denim, undeniable love for jeans and the history of denim.

Neuws identity prefers to be likened to the world of music: the best ones should have a passion for the roots, the rebellion, aesthetic and lifestyle connected to it. Neuw creates a vision that is inspired by late seventies, early eigthies avant-garde and can be called raw, edgy and a bit punk. The strong identity of Neuw’s skinny jeans can be found in their design: stitching, a dart seam and a little souvenir from past generations.