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Marie Sixtine

The French womens clothing brand Marie Sixtine was founded in 2010 by Jinmeng Ren. Marie Sixtine inspires with finesse and delicacy. The womens collections contain natural materials, functional fits and subtle use of colors and prints with a touch of originality. The "Essentials" are renewed every season by color and detail, thought through to the smallest details with a playful wink.

The collection is designed in an inspiring environment in Paris, at a special address where the collection merges into the creative work place, showroom, store and even the ideal womens apartment Chez Marie Sixtine. This real apartment is specially designed to embody the universe of Marie Sixtine. Between the chic of a suite and the comfort of a "home" in an interweaving of style, descent and confidential space favorable to creativity, conviviality.

Through a unique creation of materials, the Marie Sixtine brand creates a personal and unique product. For example, the blend of viscose, merino wool and cashmere, the use of high quality yarns or organic cotton. Shop the latest collection of Marie Sixtine at Fabriq.