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Denham Women

Denham the Jeanmaker was found in 2008 in rebellious Amsterdam with the philosophy: ‘The truth is in the details’. The young and creative designers have the ambition to offer the denim industry a fresh input while mixing denim modernism with the true roots of denim: the workwear tradition.The result is unmistakably good, Denham experiments with every source or method to deliver the best design, whether it’s based on ancient techniques, English craftsmanship or parachute silk.

Denham creates visionary jeans which are, by their own words ‘mouth-wathering’. Denhams denim for women are mature, even though their recent founding: the fit, designed to the nines, combined with the perfect amount of stretch denim, provides denim that you’ll not wear, but rather live in. The same raw but refined signature can be found in their casual clothing: excellent tailoring with raw appeal.