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Womens Bags

The womens bag is a very functional item. You carry your belongings in it and it emphasizes your personal taste and style. For every occasion we have the fitting bag for women: an overnight bag, schoolbag, satchel, handbag, clutch or more feminine party bag. The bag fits your style and compliments your look.



A clutch is a small bag with an envelope-shape with or without a wrist band. This very feminine bag is worn clutched in the hand or under the arm. The clutch is very fitted for a festive or very fashionable look.



The hand bag is a medium sized bag for everyday use. Hand bags are worn at the shoulder, the elbow or in the hand. Handbags vary in size from tiny for the bare essentials to at least A4, which makes the handbag an ideal item for school, work or the office. The popularity of the handbag is increased over the years, due to the broad supply of brands and models. The handbag is dubbed many times as the ‘it-bag’.



Shoulder bags or satchels are designed to be worn at the shoulder or cross-body. The long shoulder belt is adjustable. Shoulder bags vary in size from very small for the essentials like your wallet, phone, keys and maybe some make up to the overnight bag.